At Coastal Pointe Dance Company our competition teams are done differently. All year, during each class, every week we DO NOT practice one routine for competition. Instead we work on building our technique and strength. Once competition season begins rehearsals will be posted for each specific team on an additional day.

Within each age level there are separate teams based on genre of dance. This allows more children the opportunity to be on a team based on their strengths. Students can be on as many or few teams as they choose. Children may choose to only audition for certain teams. Based on ability children may not make all teams they audition for. HOWEVER, children may be asked to compete on their age level team for one genre and an age level above or below for other genre of dance IF their ability level is better matched with students on that level team.

Audition Information 

The audition form is required for both The Anchor and splash Dance Teams – Please email or pick up the form in studio. Anyone interested in being a part of the Coastal Splash Dance Team must submit their audition form to be evaluated in class.

If you are interested in auditioning for The Anchor Dance Team, please contact the studio to set up a private audition.