Why Coastal Pointe Dance

We will SPARKLE, we will SHINE, we will EXCEL, we are CPDC Dancers!

Dancers, Leaders, Artists

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide professional dance instruction and instill a love and passion for the artistry of dance in a fun, family-like atmosphere! At Coastal Pointe Dance, we will work diligently to provide our dancers with the technique, confidence, and passion to meet their own individual goals. Each year the students will all set long and short term goals for what they would like to accomplish that year. At CPDC we will prepare our students for the commercial dance and the performing arts industries. Dancers must have access to a top notch dance education which is why we promise that our faculty comes highly qualified and continues to train. Effective teaching  from the heart!


Our teachers are trained, passionate dancers and educators. Ms. Val has two teaching degrees because she knows that teaching dance is not only about knowing how to dance or to choreograph, but it is the delivery and the teaching methods that are crucial. By being well-versed in all aspects, CPDC students will learn not only how to be great dancers, but will be passionate dancers who are valued members of our dance family!

We will never allow anyone under the age of 18 who is still in high school to teach your child.


Consistency is key in all aspects of learning technique, building flexibility, and becoming a well-rounded dancer. Strong dancers are not built over night. Hard work, time, and dedication are the necessary components of becoming a successful dancer. Each and every class will be dedicated to working on technique, flexibility, and choreography. We will work on a skill until it is mastered, then we will continue to review.